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Geography Games

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Geography Games Including World and U.S. State Geography

Turtle Diary includes a multitude of World and U.S. State Geography games to expand your learners’ world view and improve their geographic skills. The games are divided into three different modes: learn, puzzle, and quiz modes. This is a three-step scaffolding process by which the child learns the content first, then gets to practice it in a fun way before being quizzed on it for mastery. Each provides vital skills for mastering geographic knowledge and reinforces their map skills.
In Learn mode, the child will guide the process, learning about states and capitals or countries of the world via continent. Hearing the name of the country or state pronounced out loud helps them learn to link the visual and auditory, especially for some of the more complicated names. Students will also be able to see the location of the state or country in the framework of a continent or country. This is invaluable for beginning to build a framework for geography not only of the country in which they live, but also within the world. They can see where other places are located in reference to where they live, which expands their world view. Lots of additional facts are also available in this mode if the child chooses to access it, such as languages spoken, currency, flags, and key features.
In Puzzle Mode, kids get to practice what they’ve learned by identifying the correct locations of the states and countries that appear. It’s a challenge, but practicing in the Learn mode can help them to prepare. Beginning with their country or state of origin and expanding the knowledge outward is a great way to begin learning U.S. and then world geography. They can also choose to pick up additional facts along the way in the more section.
Quiz mode is just like it sounds - they are faced with knowing the names and locations of states and countries, or they have to locate it by capital. It’s tricky and has a timer that runs, teaching the kids to work on their processing speed and quick recall. Trying to improve on the amount they scored correctly can be an attainable goal.

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