Multiplication Games

Multiplication Games

Multiplication is one of the important building blocks of math. Our free multiplication games are designed to help kids develop this useful skill efficiently and confidently. Once introduced to your child in the classroom, you can use our games to practice and reinforce what your child has already learned.

At Turtle Diary, we offer a variety of multiplication free games such as Monster Multiplication, Table Memory, Mission Multiplication, and many more. After practicing multiplication through these online interactive games, your young student will be teaching multiplication to the class!

Repetition Is Key

While repetition can become boring over time, it is an important element when it comes to learning how to multiply well. Even though our multiplication games online are repetitive to reinforce the information in your child's mind, they are also fun, creating a desire to learn in children of all ages. The more they play, the easier it will be for them recalling the information when faced with more complex problems in later math courses.

When your children play games on our site, they will be able to exercise their minds, helping them recall the answer more quickly each time they play. When the games children play are fun, they reinforce the ability to remember the answer without spending a lot of time thinking about it. This will help them complete problems more quickly in the future

How do you teach multiplication math games in a fun way?

Using online games to teach multiplication will encourage your students to view the skill as fun rather than a chore. There are lots of fun multiplication games at Turtle Diary that help students both build a foundation in their times tables and increase their level of competency at the same time.

Students can begin with basic multiplication facts that hinge on their ability to skip count. If your student isn’t able to skip count, you may want to go back and have them practice that skill on with games like our Connect Count series. There they can practice counting skills from 1 to 10.

Once that is mastered, the number connections will be in their heads already, making multiplication understanding a lot easier. Viewing multiplication as groups of items is also a great way to work at it. Once they master those basic times tables with the help of Turtle Diary’s Multiplication Facts series, they can move on to more advanced games like Catch the Factors and Relate Multiplication and Division.

And if they’re looking for a super fun way to see how quickly they can recall their facts, try Multiplication Car Race, Car Race Multiplayer or Ninja Multiplayer and to see who can answer the facts the quickest.

If you feel like doing a little smashing, try Hammer Multiplication, where you get to destroy the correct answer imprinted on a stone with a giant Thor-like hammer. If you’re looking for a cuter graphic with fun animations, look no further than Monster Multiplication. It’s definitely a more advanced game, so be sure to master those basic facts first!

What is the fastest way to memorize multiplication tables?

There are two solutions to memorizing multiplication tables -

1) Skip Counting
2) Rote Memorization

There’s really no way around it. Working with a Hundred Number Chart can help younger students visualize the relationships between the numbers and see on the diagonal how they are multiplied, but there is really no solid substitute for a good understanding of the series of numbers that make up the times tables.

Once students can skip count by each number, from one to twelve, they need to be able to move effortlessly up and down the chain of numbers. That way, their mind will build the connections of the related facts and let them have a reference point for where numbers are on those particular number lines. Working with Turtle Diary’s Connection Count game series can help your child grasp those super important number jumping lines.

Obviously, rote memorization with flashcards is the old standard way to master those multiplication skills, but all that does is solidify the quick response answer in your child’s mind. Using these facts series on Turtle Diary can help your child practice those semi-boring skills in a more attractive way, with cool graphics, animations, and sounds.

Memory card games add an extra super fun element to learning those times tables and also shows graphics so that students can learn to visualize the groups of numbers as they see the facts in numeric form. Once those rote skills are mastered, it’s all about speed and accuracy. Being able to recall those facts fast takes practice, and Turtle Diary’s fast-paced action games are the best way to do this.

Try Ninja Multiplayer to fight a foe, or Car Race Multiplayer for added pressure of racing against their peers, forcing them to quickly recall the answers to problems as they race to the finish line. A combination of all of these online multiplication games will keep students interested in learning multiplication tables.

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