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Preposition Games

Understanding the purpose and function of prepositions is essential to forming well-constructed sentences. Our online preposition games are a great way to introduce the function of prepositions as words that typically combine nouns with pronouns. At Turtle Diary, we offer fun preposition games for children that teach them how to use and recognize this class of words. Playing preposition games online is sure to improve the writing and grammar skills of students without sacrificing the fun. Your young learner will be sure to impress his or her friends, family and teachers with their language arts knowledge.

Prepositions are useful little connector words or groups of words that help us know how certain nouns, pronouns, or noun phrases work with other parts of the sentence. They most often connect the above to verbs, nouns, and adjectives, giving us information about the direction, location, position, method, or time something happens. They can also be used to introduce an object. You can usually find a preposition or a prepositional phrase near the end of a sentence.

Identify Prepositions Part 2

Identifying Preposition in a Sentence Part 1

Identifying Prepositions Part 2

Identifying Preposition in a Sentence Part 2

A preposition of time is a preposition used to denote when something happens, either specifically or generally. The most commonly used prepositions of time are at, in, and on.

A preposition of place is a preposition used to denote the place or position of something, either specifically or generally, in relation to something else - usually a person or a thing. It answers the question, "WHERE?"

A preposition of location is a preposition used to denote the position or location of something, usually a specific object. It answers the question, "Where is ___?"

A preposition of direction is a preposition used to denote the direction in which something moves or travels, either specifically or generally. They come before a noun or pronoun, and are usually accompanied by a verb of motion. It answers the question, "WHERE?" or "TO WHERE?"

A compound preposition combines a non-prepositional word with two or more simple prepositions, usually before the noun, pronoun, adjective, or adverb.

A double preposition is when you combine two simple prepositions either separately into one unit or into one word for specificity.

A preposition of spatial relationship is a preposition used to denote where the subject of a sentence is (noun or pronoun) or a specific place for an action. It answers the question, "WHERE?".

Rev up your engines for this intense multiplayer game! Practice your typing, math, and language skills through this race to the end. Correct answers make your monster truck go faster - the faster you answer, the faster you'll go! Boost power with consecutive right answers, or opt to slow other players down. Hit the gas!

Hi-ya! Get your ninja ready to battle against monsters. Race against another player to answer questions and destroy the monsters. The quicker you answer, the more power you have. Consecutive correct answers power up your ninja skills - attack with fury or retreat to save yourself.

Dribble, dribble, shoot! Get your court skills primed for a competitive game of hoops with friends! Choose your subject area from math, English, or typing skills, and jump in the game. Answer questions quickly to earn your spot on the foul shot line. Shoot to win!

Face off against your opponent armed with a slingshot. Answer questions in math, language, or use your typing skills to get ahead. Shoot stones at the correct answer bubble to pop it and score! Be careful...those bubbles will come faster the further you get into the game!

Who will make it to the top first? Climb faster than your friends by answering questions either in math, language, or using your typing skills. Correct answers propel your stickman towards the top of the rope. Answer consecutively to earn sliding props to make your opponent slip back down their rope!

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Know To Use Prepositions

A preposition links nouns or pronouns to other words in a sentence and shows how they relate to each other. These games will teach kids how prepositions like 'at,' 'on,' and 'in' are used in a sentence. In these games, kids have to complete sentences choosing the correct preposition. All this will help kids improve their grammar and write grammatically correct sentences.

Expand Your Grammar Knowledge

Kids can easily learn prepositions and their usage through various examples given in the educational lesson. Kids would love playing these interesting games, learning to use prepositions in sentences, and improving their writing skills.

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