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Addition is an essential mathematical operation introduced to children at a very early age. Turtle Diary's online addition games are designed to encourage kids to experiment with different addition strategies, look for arithmetic patterns, and find different ways of manipulating numbers as they add. By playing these addition math games, kids learn to count, problem-solve, and learn real-world applications for the skills they're learning. These addition games aim to teach conceptual learning of addition that continues beyond school hours.

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Math is about a certain way of thinking and reasoning. Basic math is fundamental because almost all other math is built on it. Addition of whole numbers represents a basic operation of math. An operation is a way to solve a math problem, such as addition and subtraction. Addition is one of the simplest numerical tasks. Year after year, kids revisit addition, and learn strategies that build a strong mathematical foundation. Sound knowledge of math is essential in an increasingly complex and technology-driven world to ensure no child is left behind.