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Animal Games

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Animal Games

Animals are obviously a crucial component of nature and the ecosystem. It goes without saying that we are both directly and indirectly dependent on them for many reasons. Introducing kids to the world of animals is an important step in making them aware of their natural surroundings, and online animal games are a great way to do just that. We offer a variety of stimulating and engaging animal games online for kids of all ages to learn about the importance of animals in our world. Our animal games cover a range of animal families, from farm animals to dinosaurs, reptiles to mammals, and many more.

Exploring life science through animal study brings wonder into the world of any elementary school student. Eager to understand the world around them, kids will actively seek to find and study things in their immediate world and wonder about the animals beyond their immediate environment. Starting with basics and moving into more of a world view situation, Turtle Diary helps kids to build a foundation of basic life science knowledge by playing games that teach them facts and concrete evidence about the world around them.

Animals of the World

Young learners are eager to embrace the animal kingdom across the globe, and games that allow you to travel the globe are right up their alley. Learning the names and salient features of each animal along with attributes and the countries in which they can be found will entertain kids as they learn. Kids also love the puzzle-like aspect of animal games while learning about the different animals. Another great aspect to this type of game is that they can hear the animal names read aloud and possibly even hear the noises that they make. It's a great way to introduce new animals around the world.

Farm Animals

Go down on the farm with Farm Animals games as your child learns to identify the sights and sounds of a rural farm. Learn which baby and adult animals belong together on the farm and what a farm looks like. After identifying which animals belong on the farm, kids can get even more specific with categories of animals like Hoofed Animals or Cattle Families. This will help them to learn even more information that they can then relate to their overall knowledge of animals.

Water Animals

Unless they have access to an aquarium, it isn’t likely that kids will have the opportunity to really dig in and learn about water animals. Finding out information about what lies beneath the surface of the vast oceans and water bodies around our world can really pique their interest and invite kids to explore more under the sea. Encourage them to learn how to classify amphibians, reptiles, fish, and water mammals as they learn more facts about this group.

Wild Animals

Games that branch out into the curious and unique animals are all the more interesting to younger kids. Let them learn about marsupials or animals in the rainforest - often facts about the weird animals are even more interesting than those that they already encounter in everyday life. Playing games with wild animals, especially those that they haven’t seen or heard of, expands your child’s worldview.
Learning these basic skills about animals allows kids to practice identification and learn basic facts, by which they can classify the animals, a precursor to taxonomy. Once they master the individual games, they can try more complex games that test their recollection of specific features and facts of different animals to see how well they’ve retained their knowledge. This lays the foundation for when they get older and begin to learn about the kingdoms of animals and their classification, and the features that put each animal into a specific taxonomic classification. While it may seem like just playing games to students, they are actually reinforcing known facts and adding to their knowledge base so that the next step in life science will be an easy one to make.

Get To Know Farm and Wild Animals

Animals, plants, and we, the human beings, are the living components of the Earth's ecosystem. We depend on plants and animals for many things, and their presence ensures our survival. Human beings use or domesticate many animals for personal or commercial use. It is essential for kids to know about the animals important to us. These games will teach kids about farm animals as well as wild animals. Kids will learn their names, and names of their babies. Apart from that, they will also learn about their habitat and the food they eat.

Expand Your Knowledge of the Animal World

These games are a great way to learn about animals. By playing these games, kids will expand their knowledge about the animal world. Through the game lessons, kids can easily learn names of many farm and wild animals. Kids will also learn the names of their babies, their habitat, and about their food habits.

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