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Free Typing Games for Kids

Typing is an essential skill in our modern world. Kids need to have digital knowledge in our society.

Most work in both the classroom and the workplace is done on computers. Everyone must be able to type to have success in these areas. Students excel when they incorporate typing early.

Most students today rely on their thumbs to do their typing on cell phones. But school demands that papers be typed in almost every subject. It is not feasible to type an entire document with your thumbs which would tire them out for sure.

Kids learn to type in elementary school in most areas. Quality practice at home can help them to excel. You can improve your typing skills with daily practice.

Why does my child need to learn to type?

Typing allows students to quickly process the ideas in their brains onto paper. This enables them to translate those thoughts to paper in record time. Students should learn keyboard skills in elementary school. This will help them succeed in the future.

The more students practice typing, the more fluent they will become. They should spend at least 15 minutes every day practicing their typing. They will see measurable success in as little as two week’s time.

Playing games online enables students to learn these skills without the rote finger pecking of the past. Turtle Diary offers a variety of games online for students to practice their typing without getting bored. Fun is always the main objective for students. Parents trust Turtle Diary to deliver both fun and education.

How do games help kids gain muscle memory?

Typing is all about muscle memory. You have to train your fingers and brain to connect locations on the keyboard. This training is called touch typing.

Their left hand rests on the a-s-d-f keys. Their right hand rests on j-k-l-;. Every subsequent key will be touched from this resting spot. Most typists know this position as “home.”

Most beginners work with games to learn the QWERTY keyboard layout. Kids should look at the screen while typing. Looking at the keyboard will prevent them from progressing.

Games with falling letters can help students learn the locations of the keys. They can then move on to common letter combinations. Daily practice helps kids gain the muscle memory they need.

Turtle Diary offers a variety of fun kids typing games. Having fun playing the game will distract students from the learning element a bit. They will be typing before they even know it!

The games do progress in difficulty as students’ accuracy improves. They will begin to pick up typing speed to put on some pressure. Longer letter combinations test their accuracy. Speed and accuracy combined equals typing fluency.

How long will it take to learn to type?

Beginning students should practice at least 15 minutes each day for two to three weeks. Perfect practice will make perfect typing skills. Games that teach them the right skills are essential. You will probably find that the more they enjoy these games, the more they will want to practice.

Students as young as seven years old have the manual dexterity to begin typing. Their hands need to be big enough to rest lightly on the home row keys. They can begin training their fingers to use these keys first. This develops the muscle memory needed to move to reaching other keys on the keyboard.

They can then move on to top row and bottom row keys. Their fingers should be able to dance all over the keyboard when it all clicks. It may seem rough at first but it will eventually become secondhand like riding a bike.

The next level happens when students have mastered the location of the keys. They must then focus on speed and accuracy. Turtle Diary’s timed games are an amazing resource for typing fluency. They are also incredibly fun, especially the multiplayer options!

What are fun games to improve accuracy?

Turtle Diary offers a variety of typing games at different difficulty levels for each student. Beginning typists should start simple with games that focus on learning the QWERTY keyboard.

It isn’t easy to train those little fingers to reach across the keyboard. It will take time. Games are a great way to help students learn while having fun.

Boys and girls will learn best beginning with individual letters first. Muscle memory is key. The more practice their fingers have touching the keys, the more the brain will recall their location.

Their speed will pick up as they get the hang of it. Then kids will be ready for common letter combinations.

Look for games that use small words or common vowel combinations. Typing words will be their goal.

Timed games really help with speed and accuracy. Games that have a countdown clock puts the pressure on. Typing lessons shouldn’t be boring in order to keep them coming back for more.

Another fun element is games that speed up the better you do. Students will feel their hearts pounding as letters and words come at them quickly. Turtle Diary offers a variety of graphics and genres to practice online typing. Typing racer games are one of the most popular with race cars and trucks.

It doesn’t matter what age your student is. Anyone can learn to type with the right eye-hand coordination. Their hands must be big enough to reach the keys as well.

Are there games for kids new to typing?

Beginners as young as 7 can play typing with digital games. Their hands do need to be large enough to rest on the home row. Age 7 tends to be the norm for proper eye-hand coordination. For students who want typing practice games can be a great way to master the skill.

The best games for beginners are games that focus on single letters. Your hands can then learn the location of the keys on the keyboard. It’s important to give kids time to develop the muscle memory in their fingers. Speed is secondary to accuracy.

Turtle Diary offers free typing games like Balloon Typing for beginners of all ages. The idea is to type the letters that appear before they hit the ground. Several other games have this premise. It presents just the right amount of urgency to gain muscle memory.

Kids who love cars will gravitate towards typing race games like Typing Race Beginner. Amazing graphics may be what draws kids in and encourages quality practice. Playing games to practice typing is a great way to learn without seeming like a chore.

Multiplayer games use positive peer pressure to increase fluency. Typing Ninja is our most popular game where students battle together using their quick fingers. Kids type and practice more when learning with friends!

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