Math games for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Math Games

Kids are able to work with games as early as kindergarten to grow in their confidence and abilities. Our online math games for Kindergarten especially focuses on the needs of this age group.

Math activities for kindergarten students help strengthen skills they will explore in the classroom. Repeated practice reinforces skills. Turtle Diary keeps math activities for kids fun with a variety of different games.

How to Make Numbers Fun for Kindergarten?

Graphics & Animation

Cool characters, bright colors, action movement, and sound effects - what more could a kindergartener want? Many games for kindergarteners begin with amazing animated lessons that set the scene for each concept.

Kids then get to practice what they’ve learned with games designed for their age level. Turtle Diary changes up the images with characters who help to guide them in the learning process from animated animals to themed flora and fauna.

Practice without Stress

Turtle Diary eliminates stress that comes with rote mathematical practice often used in the classroom. It’s a stress-reliever for many kids, allowing them to have fun without even realizing they are reinforcing the skills they may have been resistant to learn in the first place.

While some games may have time limits, most encourage mastery through repeated practice. Students in Kindergarten learn by counting and number recognition. Before long they will be solving equations.


They can play by themselves. It’s as simple as that. The stronger they get with their math skills, the more independent they will be.

Kids love to use electronic devices even with headphones ALL BY THEMSELVES! This is a huge deal for kindergarteners, but it shows the child that the parent trusts them.

Turtle Diary has the selection of games that are targeted grade level skills for your kindergartener from tanks that obliterate numbers in One-Digit Addition to Penguin Hoopsters in Multiplayer Basketball,

Kids learn best when having fun. They will love exploring a variety of learning activities. You get the peace of mind of knowing that they are playing quality games designed to help them improve their skills.

How Do I Make Learning Math Fun for My Kindergartener?

Encourage Kids to Count and Recognize Numbers

Numbers are everywhere in a child’s world. Learning numbers is as easy as paying attention to your surroundings.

Point out numbers anywhere you can. Grocery store trips can be educational when you count fruit or other items. Practice counting as you go up and down the stairs.

Kids recognize numbers when they have chances to identify. Point out numbers wherever you go. Play “I Spy” as you drive pointing out numbers on signs.

Show them prices on items when shopping. Use every opportunity to show them that numbers are everywhere until they are pointing them out to you.

Nurture Their Curiosity

Mathematics is more than just numbers. It involves every living thing around us in the world. Consider using shapes for math lessons. Play grocery store with them using simple addition to add up items.

Cut fruit to show division. Let them play with measuring cups in the bathtub. There are tons of ways to let their curiosity guide your lessons.

Let them write numbers in shaving cream or sand. Practice tracing numbers online with math games. They can even use worksheets to trace numbers you’ve written.

It’s all about practice to establish manual dexterity when it comes to writing numbers. And don’t be discouraged if some numbers are backwards. That is very common in the beginning.

Boost Confidence

Every time a child counts correctly, praise them. But also praise them when they don’t quite get it correct. They need to know that mathematics isn’t a scary thing, but a building block of life. Start simple and don’t expect too much.

Most young learners begin with basic shapes and the numbers from 1 to 10. Counting everywhere you go will help them gain confidence as well. Begin to skip count when you’re ready to start to establish number patterns in their brains. Praise above all is the best encouragement.

Don’t forget that calendars and temperatures are also math! Days of the week and months of the year are great to learn in song form.

Keep a calendar and change it daily with your child. Use a thermometer every day to write down the day’s temperature. It’s a great habit to get into and will help them learn important dates and calendar skills.

Fun & Vibrant Games

Turtle Diary offers an amazing set of math games for even the youngest kids. Begin simply with a colorful game like Color by Number. Then compare numbers with Heavy or Light. This is a great way to introduce them to online games.

Learning to use a computer can be a bit of a challenge. Let kindergarteners ease into it with fun and vibrant games from Turtle Diary.

Addition and subtraction will come. They will learn to manipulate numbers on a number line soon enough. Let them learn how to play online first. Kindergarteners will begin learning addition after basic counting.

Once they get the hang of it, you can move up a notch to Match the Months with the Seasons. Connect Counting games are also great to establish number patterns in their heads. Soon they will be playing Addition Equation or Crossy Chicken and having a blast!

The best learning programs for kindergarteners contain foundational skills presented in a fun package. Turtle Diary helps kids boost their confidence with learning while having fun. Fun math games for kindergarten can be played online wherever you are. Daily practice will help them to get ahead in their 1st grade classroom and increase their test scores overall.

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