ABC Games

ABC Games

You can start your child on the basic ABC Learning games that introduce the letters in an engaging way. These games encourage visual acknowledgement, as well as auditory recognition, when the kids are introduced to the sounds. The next natural step is to offer tracing games and alphabet writing games to allow your child to learn to write each letter. Our games are fun and engaging for young children, and offer a stress-free way to learn how to write the alphabets.

Fun Games to Learn the Alphabet

On Turtle Diary, there are a number of alphabet games that you can use with your children to practice letters and master their shape.

Beginning in Pre-K, kids can start with Learn ABC, a game that works them step-by-step through the English alphabet, in both uppercase and lowercase. They get to see the letter and hear its phonetic sound, and the fun graphics will keep them coming back again and again for more practice.

Invite your child to Color by Letter, a super fun game that helps with letter identification and helps them to practice colors as well. They get to color an exciting picture by using their mouse to match colors with its corresponding letter while also gaining eye-hand coordination.

Another fun way to master letters is to practice identification of uppercase and lowercase letters. Letter Matching is a fun way for them to reinforce the exact shape of letters by making matches of three. If they get stumped, they can still click on the letters to hear its name and phonetic sound.

More advanced students can move on to Write Uppercase Letters, a game designed to link eye-hand coordination and teach kids how to write each letter. They simply follow the dots in the direction of the arrows with their finger or a stylus on a touchscreen, or use a mouse to manipulate the lines.

In I Spy, kids are encouraged to match the letter with puzzle pieces containing both the uppercase letter and some pictures of items that start with each letter. For example, the letter P might have a pencil, a pig, and a pot. Kids will love dragging the pieces together and seeing them match.

The celebration at the end with a screenful of rainbow stars is exciting as well. No matter what your child’s need, Turtle Diary has the right games for your beginning reader to master their alphabet.

Pave the Way for the Future

Tracing letters is one of the best ways to ensure your child's ability to correctly and confidently form an alphabet. Sitting in school and watching the teacher correctly form letters can provide the basis your child needs, but it isn't a hands-on quiz. Our free writing games online allow your child to master writing their alphabets without the pressure of the teacher or others watching. It offers a great way to build your child's writing skills, without making them feel overwhelmed, enhancing their self-confidence for the future.

Learn the ABCs with a Great Set of Alphabet Games

One of the beginning steps in any student’s educational career is learning “The Alphabet Song,” including how to say the names of the letters and identify the shapes that correspond to these names. Eventually, they will add on the vowel sounds - a, e, i, o, and u - and then start to work on their consonant sounds as well.

Letter recognition, identification and basic phonics are important building blocks in literacy, as these are prerequisites to being able to learn to read. Using abc games that will help students begin to learn the letters and pair them with words and pictures that begin with those letter sounds is a great way to begin learning the alphabet.

Finding the letter of the alphabet is another great way to solidify that students can match the actual letter with its written form. Given a group of letters, students should be able to pick out all of a particular letter. For example, they may be asked to find all of the As on a page, or complete a maze by only selecting the letter A.

Eventually this can expand to only the vowels, or only the letters that make a /k/ sound. Students love to play fun games without feeling like they’re working hard to learn something, and alphabet games are a great way to accomplish this.

The next level comes when students learn there are both upper and lowercase letters that can be paired together, but are used at different times. The first thing they learn to write is their name, but usually in all capital letters. Lowercase isn’t usually taught until they have mastered the uppercase.

ABC kids games that help students not only hear the names and sounds of the letters or trace letters, but also match the upper and lowercase pair will help students to see the larger picture of the alphabet. Another fun way to practice alphabet knowledge is by working with beginning and ending sounds.

Letting students see a picture and maybe even hear the word pronounced out loud will allow them to begin to figure out the names of the letters with their corresponding sounds. Kids love games and activities like this, because it’s like a puzzle that they have to figure out. They will also learn with these games that not all letters make the same sounds all the time.

Finally, tracing games, where students begin to form the letters in the proper way is the final step in this process. Kids love to be able to write their names and draw specific letters, which takes these games to another level when you can give them a white board to draw the sounds they hear. No matter what, all kids love to play games when they are learning their ABCs.

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