Addition Games

No messy fingers here! Add the addends together on the right to find the matching color, then tap on the sum in the drawing. It will fill in with the color you chose. Complete the drawing and click "Check" to see if you've answered all the math problems correctly. What will the picture show?

A brilliant math game for kindergarteners to help them build their addition skills and sharpen their memory in a fun way.

Addition Sentences Within 20

Addition Sentences - True/False

Addition Strategies by Making Ten

Balance Addition Equations - within 20

Working on regrouping skills? Try playing some mathematics games that reinforce single-digit skills with entertainment. You'll love jumping into a new world where you must correctly answer addition questions in order to make a move in the game. Apply the skills that you've learned in class while reinforcing your processing speed.

Adding Doubles

Adding Three One-Digit Numbers (Sums up to 20)

Regrouping Tens and Ones

Amp up your practice by using two-digit numbers to practice regrouping. Kids challenge themselves by working through addition facts in order to advance in their game of choice. This suite of games allows kids to strengthen their regrouping skills while practicing the mathematics they've learned in a fun environment.

Adding a 1-Digit Number to a 2-Digit Number (by counting on)

Addition Strategies: Using Doubles

Add Tens

Kindergarteners can build their addition skills with this comprehensive collection of one-digit addition games. Combine logic with math when you play these learning games that build processing speed skills in little ones as they strengthen their addition fact skills. Choose from one of five scaffolded learning games to reinforce mathematical learning.

Add Tens

Add Two 2-digit Numbers - Within 100

Flex your 3-digit addition skills with this collection of games! Work to improve your processing speed and quick recall by conquering addition problems. Then, make a move in your game to become the champion. Every game will help you to strengthen your addition skills. Which game will you choose?

Add Two Three-digit Numbers

Add Two Numbers up to Three Digits (Within 1000)

Complete the Addition Sentence up to Three Digits (Within 1000)

Balance Addition Equations up to Three Digits

Complete the starburst by filling in the missing numbers. The sum in the center is key. What numbers on the lefthand token board can you drag to complete the number sentences? Flex those addition and subtraction skills to complete the puzzle. How fast can you solve it?

Join classmates or let the system choose an opponent for you in this challenging game of addition. You can also play by yourself to practice your skills.

Make a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line to win SPACE BINGO! Solve the equation on the left and find the correct answer on your board. Select to reveal a space-themed picture. The various skill levels give you more complex practice as you advance and the board array increases in size!

Use logic and addition to eliminate the growing number of blocks. Each block contains a number. Drag one block into another to add the numbers together. Your goal is to make a sum that matches another block, and then pair the two together. Have zero number blocks left on the screen to advance to the next level!

Put your addition skills to the test by adding three different numbers to make a given sum. You'll face off against an opponent, taking turns to make the first set of three numbers that matches the sum. Think fast! Try various skill levels to hone your addition skills. How fast can you make the sum?

Test your powers of logic with this math crossword. Choose from addition or subtraction, select your difficulty level, and get to work. Solve the equations to fill in the missing answers by dragging and dropping the answers. When you've finished, click "Done" to check your answers.

BAM! Channel your inner destruction by wielding the giant hammer in this whack-a-mole addition game. Watch carefully as the stones pop up out of the ground. If the equation on the stone is correct - SMASH! But act quickly, because they vanish! Choose from a variety of skill levels, including differing digits and regrouping options.

Rev those engines! Give your car some gas by identifying properties of addition correctly. The faster you answer correctly, the faster your car will advance. But watch out! Incorrect answers will slow you down. Choose one of two races - identifying the property used, or identifying the equation that matches the property.

Get behind the wheel in this fast-paced car race game. Identify the correct equation out of several options, and tap to hit the gas on your car. The faster you answer correctly, the faster your car will go. But be careful! Incorrect answers will slow you down. Will you reach the finish line?

Join with your friends as you flex your math and language skills, working to unseat your opponent with your archery skills. Keep your health points high by answering questions correctly, with every 5 answers earning you an arrow. Earn extra arrows and power ups for consecutive correct answers! Aim small, miss small!

Face off against a classmate or an online opponent taking turns to answer problems. Choose your operation and answer correctly to get a chance to mark your token. Work to make a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row. Be careful! A missed answer prevents you from marking your board!

Team up with friends or work with other students online in this incredibly fun tetris-like game! Practice either addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, blasting the triangles with incorrect information. But be careful - if you blast a correct equation, you'll lose a chance! Click to flip and arrange all of your triangles to form a pyramid!

Face off against an opponent in this classic logic game. Invite friends to play or be paired by the system. Answer addition questions correctly to earn the chance to drop your marker into the board. To win, connect four circles with your color marker, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally!

Rev up your engines for this intense multiplayer game! Practice your typing, math, and language skills through this race to the end. Correct answers make your monster truck go faster - the faster you answer, the faster you'll go! Boost power with consecutive right answers, or opt to slow other players down. Hit the gas!

Hi-ya! Get your ninja ready to battle against monsters. Race against another player to answer questions and destroy the monsters. The quicker you answer, the more power you have. Consecutive correct answers power up your ninja skills - attack with fury or retreat to save yourself.

Dribble, dribble, shoot! Get your court skills primed for a competitive game of hoops with friends! Choose your subject area from math, English, or typing skills, and jump in the game. Answer questions quickly to earn your spot on the foul shot line. Shoot to win!

Face off against your opponent armed with a slingshot. Answer questions in math, language, or use your typing skills to get ahead. Shoot stones at the correct answer bubble to pop it and score! Be careful...those bubbles will come faster the further you get into the game!

Who will make it to the top first? Climb faster than your friends by answering questions either in math, language, or using your typing skills. Correct answers propel your stickman towards the top of the rope. Answer consecutively to earn sliding props to make your opponent slip back down their rope!

Get ready for an exhilarating multiplayer game! Hone your typing, math, and language skills in a high-speed race to the finish. Answer correctly to accelerate your monster truck – the quicker you respond, the faster you will go! Gain speed with consecutive correct answers or choose to slow down your opponents. Floor it!

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