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Fraction Games for 2nd Grade

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Second grade is a fun time. Children have adjusted to going to school each day, and they have enough basic skills to start expanding their knowledge. While they will be doing this in all areas of the curriculum, no place is it truer than fractions. While the teacher should still include some basic fractions, like halves, quarters, and thirds, most children will be ready to move on to much more complex shapes and learn that the same principles apply. Children will be exploring sevenths, eighths, and larger fractions, and be able to put them together to make a whole. A great way for children to learn this is to play fraction games for 2nd grade.

Delightful storylines will capture the children's attention and keep them spellbound. These activities also not only reinforce fraction skills but also reading skills as students learn to read the instructions for the game they want to play. Children will be so captivated that they will return to the same game many times ensuring that they master the skills involved in the activity. Once mastered, the student will be able to apply the idea to other situations.

It's not just children who love these activities; teachers do too. They love the many different ways they can use 2nd grade fraction games. They can let students choose their own games from the wide variety available on Turtle Diary to help reinforce the children's skills, or they can choose to assign online activities where a student needs the most help. These are easily incorporated in classroom learning. Alternatively, teachers can choose to assign them as homework. The possibilities are endless when the teacher chooses to use fraction games for 2nd grade. Whichever approach the teacher decides to take, the results will be amazing.

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