Whole Number Games for First Grade

Turtle Diary offers a wide range of online games for first graders that give students the opportunity to engage with whole numbers in a unique learning experience that is both fun and engaging. From number sequences, even and odd number identification, counting practice, number charts, to place values, our whole number games for first graders cover all the basics of whole numbers and more. First grade is a very exciting age where kids are introduced to more advanced concepts of whole numbers - one of the most important foundational notions in mathematics. It's important for students to have firm understanding of whole numbers to be able to build on that platform with even more advanced number manipulation like adding, subtracting, and fractions. Turtle Diary's whole numbers games are brilliantly designed with first graders in mind. With the use of colorful illustrations, bright images, and fun sound effects, our whole number games will come to life and captivate kids in an interactive learning experience. For first graders who need additional practice with whole numbers or for those who looking for challenge, our whole number games offer practice for all skill levels.

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