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Free Math Games For 1st Grade

Our first grade math games introduce advanced mathematical concepts to kids. They'll learn fractions, measurements, money counting, data analysis, and more through educational and interactive online activities. These exciting and engaging 1st grade math games will help kids reinforce and master important mathematical skills necessary for their academic future.

What First Grade Math Games Are the Most Fun?

Animated Graphics

Kids love snazzy graphics that keep them guessing and coming back for more. Some of the best online math games for kids showcase imaginative characters pegged against each other in some sort of race or battle. Solving math facts will save the dragon, move the car, or get the cool animal to the next level. Turtle Diary frequently gives kids imaginative, futuristic graphics and anticipatory music that drives them to the next step. Whether they’re identifying hidden shapes or racing in a Grand Prix, it’s all about the graphics in this 21st-century world.

Repetitive, But Not Boring

Kids don’t mind repetition as long as it doesn’t seem like you’re doing the same thing over and over again. In fact, repetition is the best way to master some foundational skills like basic math facts, and then move on to seeing them in real world scenarios. But gone are the days of flash cards and boring drills. Turtle Diary scaffolds learning, taking kids one step at a time through the first grade basics, adding and encouraging them along the way. While they may be making a stickman climb a rope, they’re actually practicing basic math facts in an imaginative way.

Stealthy Embedded Learning

Penguins playing basketball. Shooting slingshots. Coloring by number. Connect Four. Kids will leap at the chance to play these games to begin with, drawn in by the colorful graphics, but what they don’t realize is that learning is embedded into every one of Turtle Diary’s math games. Even a relaxing Color by Number has a mathematical component that tricks them into practice without even realizing it. Stealthy embedded learning helps kids to want to do the things their parents recommend without feeling the need to buck the prescriptive authority.
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