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Math Games for Fifth Grade

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For kids as well as adults, games can prove to be an impactful tool for learning. In the case of math, this tool becomes all the more significant. Don't do away with conventional methods of teaching math. Complement conventional teaching methods with our fifth grade math games that offer a stimulating and exciting approach to a variety of mathematical concepts. Before you know it, these games will considerably improve your child's memory retention. Our math games for 5th grade will leave students engaged and ready to learn.

What Math Games Should Fifth Graders Play?


Learning about the different place values that make up a decimal is key in the fifth grade year, so Turtle Diary makes an emphasis on these forms of games. From breaking down place value to learning to multiply and manipulate decimals, kids need to have major skill practice in this area. The more fun they can have in the process, the better, because there are tons of scaffolded skills they’ll need for the future.

Fractions & Mixed Fractions

Obviously decimals and fractions go hand in hand. Learning those common fractions and how to manipulate with common denominators must be mastered at this stage. Turtle DIary provides a number of unique and charismatic games that will keep kids interested in increasing their fraction skills without even realizing they’re putting in the hard work.

Multiplication & Division

This is a must-have. If fifth graders haven’t mastered the foundational multiplication and division facts, everything else in their mathematical future will be more difficult. Avoid the rote repetition by allowing them to find enjoyable games on LightSail that they can come back to again and again.


Decimals and fractions in the same sentences lead naturally to discussing equivalencies. Putting this in familiar contexts like baking or game play can help kids to visualize the process and see the utility of this concept. Allowing kids to practice both on Turtle Diary will serve them well in their real-world future.

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