Decimal Games for Fifth Grade

Did you know that decimals are used everywhere throughout life? Decimals are used when working with money, recipes, and even in art. Artists need decimals for a variety of purposes: from determining the exact size of their printed page, to the thickness of lines in their drawings, and to figuring the perfect line for the angle that they want to add to their graphic. Decimals are also used a great deal in hospitals and anywhere there is a high degree of accuracy required. Some examples of using decimals in healthcare include blood tests, measuring body temperature, and weight.

Decimals, fractions, and division can all be very challenging concepts for elementary-aged children, therefore teachers and parents spend their fair share of time drilling students on the basic concepts of these more advanced skills. While drills are a tried-and-true method for teaching, some students learn more effectively with multimedia and other interactive methods, such as decimal games for 5th grade. Fortunately, has a wide variety of interesting and engaging games, such as Target the Decimal Number Line, where students are challenged to test their number line skills by sighting their cannon and shooting down a helicopter. Other 5th grade decimal games include estimation games, where the sum and difference are estimated to the nearest tens or hundreds place. High energy flying expressions and sticks on the screen keep students interested and learning.

Rounding decimals can be one of the more challenging concepts that students encounter in the 5th grade; fortunately, decimal games for the 5th grade from also cover impportant concepts, such as pairing decimals and fractions, rounding decimals, and even a decimal bowling game.

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