10 best online word games for your kids to try

10 best online word games for your kids to try

Looking for the best online word games for kids? Running out of ways to teach your children in a communicative and interactive way? Well, you have come to the right place! Online word games for kids are perhaps the most effective way to improve vocabulary and imaginative thinking. According to a study conducted by the American Journal of Contemporary research- ‘introducing English to children at an early age gives them the opportunity to widen their horizons and awaken their early enthusiasm and curiosity about languages.”

Especially with the rise of the digital age and with schools shut due to the pandemic, there is a need for your children to learn in an alternative way. Take a look at our list of 10 best online word games for your kids to try:

List of Word Games For Kids

Word Ladder:

This game will certainly help your child to climb the ‘ladder’ of vocabulary. It starts with a picture associated with each step of the ladder. And with each picture, you’re asked to fill in the missing letter of the word describing the literal meaning of the picture. So once you’re done with completing the first word correctly, you just have to get past each step. The ‘word ladder’ can be played by different age groups.

Word Scramble:

It is one of the best online word puzzles games out there and the game is fairly simple. Yet the impact of the game for your child could be great as it combines critical thinking and vocabulary. The game puts up a word with its letters jumbled. And with the jumbled word, there is a picture visually describing the word as a hint.

Word Scrabble:

The Word Scrabble displays a 4, 5 or 7 letter word with the letters jumbled in a random manner. You’re asked to make multiple words out of the jumbled letters. Moreover, all possible words that could be created with the letters are displayed below with all of the letters missing except one. However, that one letter is placed at the correct space of the word so that your child gets a good hint of it.

Sight words:

Often, there are times when you keep reading a paragraph, and at the same time, you’re not able to process the words you read. Hence, you end up not grasping the true meaning of the text you’ve just read. So Turtle Diary has come up with a game called ‘Sight words’ to help your child increase their reading comprehension. As for the game, it displays cards on the screen and you have to flip the cards until two cards with the same word match. And don’t worry, every time you flip the wrong card, the cards flip back and reset.

Words Unscramble:

Similar to scrabble and scramble, the games display jumbled words on your screen. However, you can choose any of the letters in the word and make a correct word out of it. Sounds fun, no? A big yes!


Hangman is perhaps the most exciting word game in the list. The game displays a word with all the letters missing. You have to guess the word according to the theme of the game. Let’s say the theme is ‘occupations’ and you’ve chosen the 6 letter word- ‘doctor’, then you’re shown 6 spaces with no letters. So the idea of the game is for you to complete the word through trial and error. And you’ve got just seven clicks to complete the word. So it’s really exciting and fun!

Vocabulary Crossword:

It’s one of the more fun and challenging online word puzzle games out there! The game asks your child to understand the clues and solve the crossword by dropping the words in the correct boxes. It helps your child to think, remember words that they already know and expand their vocabulary as well. The game is fit for all age groups!


So what is the most important thing after reading skills and vocabulary when it comes to a language? It’s learning to spell right! Spellathon is designed to help your child to spell better. The game displays a set of letters, out of which, your kid has to make a 3 letter word or more depending on the difficulty levels (easy and hard).

Related Words:

One of the most interactive online word games for kids. It displays a single word in the middle of the screen and 6 other words surrounding it. The idea is to choose the word(s) which are related to the main word. But what’s exciting about it? You have to choose the correct word before time runs out! Also, there are fun animations to take that excitement to another level. Imagine 6 tanks (other words) heading towards the main tank in the center (main word) to destroy it. Now you’re the only one who can save the main tank by matching the correct words!

Describing Words:

Sometimes, it is possible to have a huge vocabulary and know a lot of words. But what’s the point of knowing words without learning the meanings of it? This game will help your child associate the correct meaning to the given word. So maybe it’s time to start playing this game right now?

You’re already excited for your child to try these games right? Head over to Turtle Diary to start engaging your child in a fun and healthy way!