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Biographies for Kids

A biography is a true story written about someone's life. There are many biographies for kids about famous people that students can read. These are written on a variety of reading levels to meet the needs of all types of readers. Famous people that children enjoy reading about can be people from long ago, such as George Washington or Betsy Ross, or from more recent times, such as Neil Armstrong or Ronald Reagan. Reading and learning about biographies of famous people is essential in school. Children enjoy reading about renowned people's lives, and really learn a lot of life lessons by reading them. Some children can even make life connections to the people they read about, and certainly relate to them. We have short biographies for kids to let children explore the joys of this genre. This type of genre is read during class as a read-aloud activity by the teacher, or in small reading groups facilitated by an instructor.

Biographies for Kids

Biographies for kids are non-fiction books written on the kids' levels, so they can get a glimpse into a person's life. These stories are used by teachers to support their instruction when teaching about the concept of biographies (and autobiographies), or when they are teaching about a particular person's life accomplishments. Life stories of famous people give much insight into the lives and history of a particular time, and they are not only used to teach reading, but history as well! Students take pleasure in reading biographies for kids, because they like reading other people's stories. Reading about their life's failures and successes at the same time brings a sense of reality to the lives of these people. These genre types can be found on many different people, and students will have a wide variety of biographies, and even autobiographies for kids to read.

E-books for Kids

E-books for kids is a relatively new concept in many schools, and they have proven to be quite popular with teachers and students alike. E-books are a great way to motivate children to read. They are interactive, which allows the reader to click on words or images and get something in return, perhaps an oral reading, or pronunciation, or a picture that will move around and talk. Being interactive, this reading modality is available in many genres, such as non-fiction books, fiction books, fantasies, mysteries, and many more. These unique forms of reading material can be conveniently downloaded, and many of them can be found for free. Teachers use e-books for kids in their classroom to help emphasize reading skills, as well as content skills in specific subjects.