Best Typing Games

Best Typing Games

Typing is an essential skill for kids of all ages to learn. With the computer being one of the main forms of communication in today’s world, the sooner children learn the better. Children are more likely to pick up on skills if they are presented in a fun and interactive environment.

Here are the 10 best online typing games for kids.

Car Race Multiplayer

In Car Race Multiplayer, race against other players in this online real-time car racing game. Answer questions correctly to make your car accelerate faster. Receive a special power after answering three questions correctly to slow other cars down or to boost your own car. This typing game is geared for K-5 and can be played at three different levels.

Ninja Fighters Multiplayer

In this online real-time multiplayer game, children K-5 can see how many monsters they can hit by answering questions correctly. Receive a special power after answering three questions correctly. Use this power to either save yourself from the monsters or to kill the monsters. Whoever kills the most monsters wins the game. Choose from three levels of easy, medium, or hard in Ninja Fighters Multiplayer.

Multiplayer Basketball

Ready, set, shoot! Multiplayer Basketball is an online real-time basketball game. Answer the questions correctly to shoot the ball into the basket. Whoever scores the most baskets wins the game. Select from three levels and put your game face on in this fun, interactive basketball game for K-5.

Typing Ninja

The Ninja needs help beating the monsters by typing the characters you see on the screen in the box. If you don’t beat the monsters, they will take a life. If they take three lives you lose the game. To win the game, beat all of the monsters. This Ninja typing game was created with K-5 in mind. Typing Ninja is such a fun and entertaining way for children to practice their typing skills.

Stacking Box Typing

Stack them up! In Stacking Box Typing, stack the boxes and then type the letter on the box to unload them. You have a total of five lives but you lose a life for each box you drop. To win the game, stack all 40 boxes. This letter typing game is designed for children K-5.

Typing Warriors

Every monster is displayed with a letter. Type the letter to help the warrior jump over the monster. If your timing is off with the jump or in typing the letter, then the warrior loses a point. See how many monsters the warrior can jump and how far he can get. Children K-5 will love this fast-paced game.

Typing Race Beginner

Ready, set, go! To make your car accelerate faster, correctly type the letter on your screen. The faster you correctly type the letter, the faster your car goes. Every typo will slow your car down. Finish the race with this game for ages K-5.

Typing Aircraft

Race to type the characters on the enemy plane. By typing the word or numbers correctly, you shoot down the enemy plane before the plane bombs the city. If your city’s health bar disappears, then your city is completely destroyed. Children K-5 will thoroughly enjoy trying to save their city.

Speed Typing

See how many words you can type correctly in one minute. You will lose one second for every word typed incorrectly. Speed typing is a fun, interactive game designed for children K-5.

Key Maze

Key Maze is a single-player or multiplayer game. Save the bug from the spider. Move the bug left, right, up, or down to collect as many points as you can. Children K-5 will enjoy trying to keep the bug from the big black spider.