5 Creative Ways to Make Rhyming Fun Through Games

5 Creative Ways to Make Rhyming Fun Through Games

Kids just love to tell stories, recite poems, and sing songs. Once they start, there’s no stopping them. Let them do it. It might seem to be just for fun but it can work to develop their skills too, especially phonetics and syllables. These two skills are an essential component of the grammar family. Kids also benefit in other ways when they learn to rhyme – they get to learn new words which increases their vocabulary. Once they learn the rhyming words, they’ll be able to read and write better on their own.

What are rhymes?

Basically rhymes are words that correspond with another word in the sound they produce. For example, hair chair, hat cat, man pan, etc. They are mainly used in poems and songs which renders a pleasing effect while reciting them.

Why are they important?

It’s really important to develop a kid’s phonological awareness. They must be taught to identify rhyme units in order to enhance their skills as a reader. Unless the kids learn to rhyme and become aware of the phonetics, they will have to face difficulty in improving their reading skills. They also focus on helping kids understand how the words sound.

Rhyming Words Game

Here are some fun and easy games that parents can use to help teach their kids about rhyming:

    1) Dinner Time

    Put some pictures on paper plates, making sure that the rhyming ones do not end up on the same one. Have the kids transfer rhyming pictures on the same plate using chopsticks or a spatula.

    2) Rhyming Race:
    Take the kids out for an activity in the fresh air. Pin a picture on each child’s shirt that must rhyme with a picture on another kid’s shirt. Make them stand apart in two groups. Ask each child to race to their partners. The one who finishes first, wins.

    Happy_Girl_Hopscotch_in_Strawberry3) Rhyming Hopscotch:
    Another outdoor activity that will brighten up the kids: the rhyming hopscotch. Make a hopscotch game, making sure that each square is big. Put pictures inside each box and yell out a word. The kid must then find the right rhyming word and jump into that box. You can also write down the words if pictures are not available.

    4) The Hat that Rhymes: The activity starts with you putting some pictures in a hat. Ask each kid to take out a picture one by one and tell a word that rhymes with the picture. This way, everyone will get to participate and learn some new rhyming words.

    5) Rhyming Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of rhyming words that match some pictures. Hide those pictures around the house or class room and ask the kids to hunt for the rhyming word of the picture. Add in a few treats along with the pictures. That’ll be sure to delight the kids.

Online Resources

Using online games and worksheets can also be an effective way to teach your kids about rhyming. Turtle Diary has rhyming word video lessons and worksheets specifically designed to suit the needs of kids in early stages of learning. Using interactive games and activities can entice the children into learning the concepts. These rhyming games are great for all ages and contain engaging graphics that will help the kids have fun while engaging their new knowledge.