Thanksgiving Worksheets

Research has shown that the best learning is integrated learning. If what the student is learning is related to his everyday life, surroundings, and activities, assimilation of new information and new skills will take place more rapidly than when it is distant and unrelated to everyday experiences. An interested and involved student is a learning student, and this has been proved throughout the history of education.

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A student will learn math more easily if he has to add marbles instead of ordinary numbers. Dividing a cupcake is so much more fun than dividing four by two. The more we are able to integrate learning in a fun, challenging, and relevant way, the smarter our children will be. Our thanksgiving math worksheets work on the same principle, adding novelty to the subject while engaging students in activities that help them soon forget they are doing math - learning.

Thanksgiving can be about more than holidays and turkey and family. While that sounds like the perfect holiday already, you can make it even better by using the time as a relaxed and fun learning opportunity. Because our thanksgiving worksheets are different from everyday schoolwork and worksheets, children embrace the novelty and enjoy every moment of something that has a decidedly festive theme. Thanksgiving activities are clearly and simply explained and no one will have to complain of boredom again.

Children love challenges, and they need to stay busy, so our resources are exactly what you need to help stimulate and encourage fun, integrated learning.