Adverbs of Manner

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Adverb of Manner

An adverb of manner tells us how something happens and is usually found near the main verb.

To form one, you usually take an adjective and add -LY.

quick -> quickly    She quickly ran to the aid of the firefighters.

slow -> slowly   They slowly walked into school, sad that their break was over.

For dramatic effect, you can also use adverbs of manners at the beginning of a sentence followed by a comma.

Slowly, she chewed her food, not wanting to go to bed after dinner.

Angrily, they slammed the door in frustration.

Here is a list of common Adverbs of Manner and examples:

angrilyI angrily answered the phone for the tenth time.
beautifullyShe played the piano beautifully.
happilyHappily, we took turns swinging.
fastThe racecar driver drove fast around the track.
hardThe toddler fell down hard on the cement.
loudlyLoudly, they stomped their feet on the floor.
lovinglyShe lovingly tucked in her baby sister.
noisilyNoisily, the crowd cheered for their team.
quicklyWe quickly ran through the rain.
sadlySadly, we were unable to go to the park.
sarcasticallyShe sarcastically asked, “How do I look?”
slowlySlowly, but surely, we finished the test.
softlyWe whispered softly when the younger kids went to bed.
wellI’m not feeling well.

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