Adverbs of Degree

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Adverb of Degree

An adverb of degree lets us know how much or to what extent something is done. It indicates the intensity of something, either stronger or weaker. Adverbs of degree are usually found before the adjective, adverb, or verb that they modify.

Here is a list of common Adverbs of Degree and their meanings:

almostWe have almost finished the puzzle.
enoughWe are going slow enough to cross safely.
extremelyI was extremely careful when loading the dishwasher.
justShe had just eaten her dessert when the doorbell rang.
quiteThey haven’t quite painted the whole house.
tooThis candy is too sour.
veryI’m very pleased with the results of the test.

Any adverb that indicates intensity can be considered an adverb of degree when placed before the modified word in a sentence. For this reason, adverbs like extremely, terribly, and especially can be used as an adverb of degree.

Here are some examples:

EXTREMELYThey are extremely happy to have won the competition.
TERRIBLYHe missed his dog terribly.
ESPECIALLYShe especially loved the mint chocolate chip.

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