Adverbs of Confirmation and Negation

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Adverbs of Confirmation and Negation

Adverbs of confirmation and negation give certainty to the verb or the opposite, indicating a judgment, a statement, or an intelligent proposal. They serve to reinforce the action in the sentence as certain or uncertain, true or untrue.

Here are some examples:

CERTAINLYWe will certainly finish this project.
NEVERWe will never finish this project.

Here is a list of common Adverbs of Confirmation and then Adverbs of Negation, and examples of each:

certainlyShe will certainly win the award.
clearlyClearly, she is going to finish first.
definitelyI will definitely be there tomorrow.
exactlyIt is exactly three o’clock.
reallyShe really is the most tired.
trulyThey truly felt sorry for having lied.
veryWe are very glad to come.
anyI don’t have any idea when she left.
hardlyWe hardly have any sugar left.
neverWe are never going to paint this house.
noThere is no room for error.
notWe are not on track for this project.

Note: Words made into contractions with “not” can also be adverbs of negation, such as haven’t or don’t, but can be hard to identify in a sentence without seeing the “not.” Remember what these contractions are made from:


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