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Water Cycle Video

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Most children like to play in, or with, water. While adults avoid rain, kids want to stay and play out in the rain. They wonder what happens to the rain after it falls - does it really go away? At Turtle Diary, we've created a short water cycle video for kids that will answer some of their questions. Our video is brief - only about a minute, but we pack a lot into that minute. Your child will enjoy colorful graphics and quality animation in the context of a simple, clear explanation about how rain, snow, streams, waterfalls, clouds, and so on form part of the water cycle. They will never look at water quite the same way again! Kids love showing off their knowledge, and we're betting that your child will watch this video many times, until they can explain the water cycle to anyone who might be willing to listen - you, grandparents, and even other kids. This is the type of learning that starts kids on the path to an interest in science and the world around them, and leads to a lifelong passion for knowledge.