Learn the Water Cycle

Is your elementary school child learning about the water cycle during science? For first and second graders, this can be a confusing topic and hard to remember. The classroom teacher will review the material, but your child may really benefit from using a teaching aid at home. Turtle Diary created interactive science games to reinforce what your child is learning in school. They offer water cycle games to enrich your child's learning. The games are so much fun; your child will want to play them even during the weekends.

Water Cycle Lessons

With each game, your child is given a brief animated lesson. This lesson covers evaporation and condensation, the different bodies of water, and the different forms of water. One of the first exercises is to fill in a diagram depicting the water cycle. As your child chooses the answers, a narrator expands on that answer. Due to the reiteration of the subject matter, your child will pick up the material quickly.

"The Water Cycle" game and the other games can be played multiple times so your child can absorb the information. Repetition is the key to learning in children. Other games offered to expand on the subject include, "Basketball Game", "Collect the Water Drops", and "Drive the Water Craft".

Critical Thinking and Memory

As your child plays, critical thinking and memory skills will improve. Each game has challenging levels that your child can work up to by mastering the level before it. Your child should never be bored with so many variations.

By using water cycle games for kids, it is easy to understand the subject matter and the bright colors and animation keep your child focused. Your child may ask you to view the lessons with them. This can be a great teaching moment and quality time for both of you.

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