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Choose Countable and Uncountable Nouns

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What Are Countable Nouns?

Remember that a noun is a person, place, thing, idea, feeling, or concept. It gives a name to things that will be doing the action provided by the verb. Nouns can be people, places, things, animals, seasons, planets, days, time, and more!

Countable and uncountable nouns are two different types of nouns that help to form a solid subject in a sentence.

Countable Nouns

Countable nouns are those that you can actually count. If you can put an article in front of the noun, such as a, an, or the, then it is countable.

They come in two forms: singular & plural. Let’s explore these a bit further…

Singular Nouns work with articles, such as a or an to indicate one item.

Plural nouns are more than one singular item, and you can give it a number. In order to form a plural noun, you add an s to the end of the word. But it does get a bit more complicated than that, because there are some specific ways to pluralize nouns based on their endings.


Making singular nouns into plural nouns often gets tricky, because there are certain spelling rules you need to follow. Take a look here for the most common spelling rules, and commit them to memory:

Noun Ending Spelling Rule Example
Most nounsadd S cat ➤ cats
dog ➤ dogs
pancake ➤ pancakes
Ends in s, z, x, sh, or chadd ES class ➤ classes
waltz ➤ waltzes
box ➤ boxes
dish ➤ dishes
church ➤ churches
Ends in consonant followed by yChange Y to I and add ESberry ➤ berries
baby ➤ babies
sky ➤ skies
Ends in vowel followed by yadd Sessay ➤ essays
day ➤ days
Ends in consonant followed by oadd EShero ➤ heroes
tomato ➤ tomatoes
Ends in vowel followed by oadd Srodeo ➤ rodeos
studio ➤ studios
Ends in f or feChange F or FE to V, & add ESshelf ➤ shelves
knife ➤ knives
Ends in usChange US to Ioctopus ➤ octopi
fungus ➤ fungi

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