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A & AN

There are three articles in the English language - a, an, & the. They are divided into two subgroups - definite & indefinite.

Indefinite Articles

A & An are articles that combine with singular nouns that you can count and indicate a general noun. For example,

a dogan ostrich
a spoonan apple

A is used when the word starts with a consonant sound.

a booka tiaraa unicorn
B makes a buh soundT makes a tih soundU makes a yuh sound

An is used when the word starts with a vowel sound (a, e, i, o, or u).

an arrowan eaglean honor
A makes an ah soundE makes an ee sound“HO” makes an ah sound because the H is silent


Just because the word starts with a consonant or vowel does not mean you know which article to use. Be sure to think about the sound the word makes when you say it, and use that to choose which you need - a or an.

Definite Article

The is used to indicate a specific noun and can be used for both singular and plural nouns no matter what sound they start with. For example,

the dogthe bookthe eagle
the dogsthe booksthe eagles

If you know specifically to which noun you’re referring, then use a definite article because you definitely know.

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