Geometry Lesson Plans

Teachers often struggle to make sure they are covering all the concepts they need to teach in school. Geometry lessons build on each other, so it is important that this subject be taught very carefully with each idea building on the one before it. Nowhere is this more important than during the fourth grade. Concepts that teachers need to be sure to cover include angles, classifying quadrilaterals, lines of symmetry, and open and closed shapes. Much of the year will be spent studying polygons, including classifying these shapes by the number of sides and comprehending whether a shape is concave or convex. Another major occupation will be studying circles, including parts of a circle and finding a circle's diameter, radius, and circumference. Of course, teachers will also have to ensure that their students are well prepared in each of these subjects because their own success is often measured by how their pupils perform on standardized tests.

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Planning your geometry lessons is easy when you trust Turtle Diary. Our simple definitions and drawings ensure that you have an easy referral sheet, so that you do not become confused yourself. In addition, you can be sure to find wonderful worksheets that allow your students to practice these important ideas. These sheets are brilliant to use in the classroom or can be set as homework. Since they are readily reproducible, these assignments can be given many times until a student grasps the concept.

At Turtle Diary, teachers and parents also find online games that reinforce what the pupil is learning in class. Students will have so much fun playing these games that they will not even realize that they are learning, as they will become eager to beat their previous scores. Your geometry lesson planning just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Turtle Diary.