Adverbs of Frequency

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Adverbs of Frequency

An adverb of frequency tells how often the action or event of the verb happens.

For example:

NEVERWe never thought we would get to go to Disneyworld.
OCCASIONALLYAfter dinner, we occasionally have dessert.
SOMETIMESDoing my math homework is sometimes difficult.

Here is a list of common Adverbs of Frequency and their meanings:

neverDoes not happen ever
rarelyAlmost never happens
seldomlyHappens sometimes but not regularly
from time to timeHappens sometimes by not regularly
now and thenHappens sometimes but not regularly
sometimesHappening some of the time
occasionallyHappens some of the time
oftenHappens frequently but not regularly
usuallyHappens frequently and regularly
normallyConsistently happens regularly
all the timeConsistently happens
alwaysHappens consistently at all times (can be used to exaggerate a phrase as well)
by the minuteHappens every minute
hourlyHappens every hour
dailyHappens every day
weeklyHappens every week
monthlyHappens every month
biannuallyTwice a year

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