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Food Chain Video

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There is probably no such thing as a kid not fascinated by animals, and most have more than a passing interest in plants as well. What better way to teach kids about the food chain than with a video from Turtle Diary? Our food chain video explains the food chain to kids in a way that will hold their interest. Our food chain video is for kids who want to know more about how plants and animals benefit one another. They'll learn about herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores, and the difference between a simple food chain, a big food chain, and a marine food chain. The video closes with an illustration of how it all ends up as a food web. With its brilliant colors and quality animation, food chain for kids is a lot of fun to watch. Your child will enjoy watching this video many times, and with each viewing, scientific concepts will be reinforced. You might even enjoy watching it with your child, as he or she begins acquiring a basic knowledge of how the food chain works.