The role of a mother is truly special. It is a full time job and the hours are difficult. A mother worries all day about the health and well being of her children. Mothers don't just provide a cozy home and a hot meal to come back to. They are also responsible for developing the children into well-adjusted adults. They make their children capable of contributing to society. These are just few of the reasons why Mother's Day is celebrated with such gusto.

So, this is your chance to honor and cherish the most important woman in your life. Celebrated worldwide on the second Sunday of May, many people look forward to Mother's Day to show their mothers how special they are. But how did it begin? While most people are familiar with the time honored day itself, its history remains unknown to many. Read on if you want to learn how this day came to be, and how you can make it a lot more meaningful for your Mom.

A History

Honoring mothers is a time-honored tradition that spans centuries into the past. One of the earliest celebrations in Western civilization can be traced back to ancient Greeks, who used to honor the Mother of the Gods, Rhea. Early Christians designated a day to honor the Virgin Mary, later named "Mothering Sunday." It is a Christian holiday only celebrated in Europe and the U.K.

However, the modern Mother's Day, which is a secular event, is actually a result of Anna Jarvis's campaign in the 1910s. She lobbied to designate a day that would honor all mothers. Her efforts eventually paid off in 1914, when President Woodrow Wilson designated the second Sunday of May as Mother's Day. It has grown leaps and bounds since then to many parts of the world, and is now a worldwide celebration.

Make Her Feel Special

How can you pay back Mom for all she does? When you're giving loved ones a gift, it is the thought behind it that matters more than the gift itself. So, here are a few ways to express your love for your mother:-

The idea is to make your mother feel special. Of course, you should do this as often as possible. Mother's Day is just the occasion to make that extra effort and go that extra mile for Mom. Because she deserves it...

Happy Mother's Day!!!