What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is a yearly occasion organized globally by the 'Earth Day Network' and is celebrated on April 22. On this day, worldwide events are held to express support for ecological protection. The event originated on April 22, 1970, in New York City and is now celebrated in almost 192 countries around the globe.

A Brief History of Earth Day! How did it start?

In 1969 an oil spill near Santa Barbara and the Cuyahoga River caught fire and the flames caused damage to the water and land ecologies. Senator Gaylord Nelson was unhappy with such events and started campaigning against such damages to the environment. Fortunately, people supported him. Seeing their support, energy, love, and hope toward their environment, he decided to rally them and help save the environment.

The Senator proposed a day dedicated to teaching the entire nation about the environment and how to protect it. Nelson created numerous unions in various communities to plan their own events. This worked and people were ready to celebrate such a day.

Since he wanted student support, and it was time for spring break all over the country, April 22, 1970 was chosen as the date to hold these celebrations. The word was spread across the nation that there will be an environmental conference in New York City regarding the crises of the environment.

The event was held, where shows, speeches, discussions, and alliance building took place. People from all around the country came to attend it. In fact, approximately 2 million people were there, including students, activists, religious groups, and more.

Why do we celebrate it?

To Reinforce our Commitment

We celebrate Earth Day because it is a day where people around the world come together in their love for the planet and a better tomorrow. It is a day when people remember their commitment to a better Earth for their children.

To Stand as One

Community-based activities around the world have started because of this great day. It is the biggest event of its kind around the world and brings people from different backgrounds, nationalities, and beliefs together.

To Fight Pollution

We celebrate Earth Day, gathering together to fight the pollution harming our world. Pollution has become the biggest concern for our environment since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the nineteenth century. Currently, air pollution is at an all-time high, with common air quality indexes rising well above 50 (under 50 is considered safe) in many countries such as Hong Kong, the UK, India, and many parts of Singapore. The effects are very devastating and the day helps us come together to learn about and reduce pollution.

Facts about Earth Day

What can you do on Earth Day as a Kid?

  1. Plant trees in your backyard.
  2. Help your parents keep the garden green.
  3. Ask your parents to install sprinklers.
  4. Put the trash in the recycle bin so that it can be reused.
  5. Minimize the use of tissues - use a handkerchief instead.
  6. Buy eco-friendly books (that use recycled paper).
  7. Type instead of writing (minimize the use of paper).
  8. Collect the garbage from the floor, or from the road and place it in the right trash cans and recycle bins.
  9. Take shorter showers to avoid wasting water.
  10. Avoid wasting water by making sure the water faucets are off when not in use.
  11. Check for any leaking faucets and tell your parents to have them fixed.
  12. Try to walk or ride a bicycle to go anywhere instead of asking your parents to drive you there.
  13. Turn off the extra lights and fans in your house, even when your parents forget.
  14. Tell your friends and parents about Earth Day and what they can possibly do.